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Preventing the Causes of Aging and Protecting our Cells

Q: What are some key causes of aging and what you can tell us about YOUTH Skin Care and how it helps?

What comes to mind is the science behind YOUTH; one of the key aspects is that it’s formulated to address the key causes of aging. Our skin is constantly under assault from the environment, and free radical damage accelerates aging of our skin. So to be effective you have to have a technology that protects the skin against those assaults. But in addition, a lot of the latest anti-aging science revolves around the skin’s regenerative processes. When you look deeper, our skin produces collagen and elastin; these are proteins in the skin that keep our skin supple, keep it firm, and prevent wrinkles from forming. But after the age of 20 our skin produces less collagen and elastin every year, and over the course of a lifetime that has a dramatic impact on our skin. Up to 80 percent of the thickness of our skin is lost as we age. So if there is a way to intervene in that loss as we age, we have a really effective scientific approach—and we did just that. read more -->

The Throwaway Culture

I am not sure when this dilemma began, but there has been a growing disregard for those of us who are over 60 and considered outdated, often useless and even unwanted as we age. We, as senior citizens, have even bought into this cultural phenomenon!

We “Throwaways” have been pushed out of jobs, often in the name of cost cutting, and left companies devoid of experience and the wisdom that has come with it. The average CEO in the US is just over 45 with only 3 years at a given company – do you think they are missing out on valuable expertise that comes with historical knowledge? In European countries, on the other hand, the average CEO’s is over 50 and has been with their company over 30 years. read more -->

A Special Olympics Universal Message

I watched the opening ceremony to the Special Olympics and my eyes swelled with tears. As the Olympians and the police volunteers, who have collected funds around the world for the Special Olympics, wound their way down a ski slope at night each holding a lighted torch to bring in the flame of hope to the center stage, I was moved by the harmonious music, softness of the flow and quiet awe of the crowd. I was struck by the beauty of the mix of nations participating as friends, co-contestants and examples of what could be in creating unity and peace among people. read more -->

Bill’s Gazpacho – the most delicious ever!!

Thank you Bill McBurney and Nedra Sahr for sharing

This has to be the BEST Gaspacho ever plus it makes a great, nutritious lunch for cleansing


About 12 egg sized plum tomatoes
1 red pepper (organic)
1 English cucumber (better organic)
1 Organic apple
1 Tbsp crushed garlic (organic)
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tsp. olive oil
Dash of hot sauce
Juice of 1/2 lime or lemon


Put all in Cuisinart or blender and pulse to consistency you like (I like chunky)
All done – can be warmed if you like read more -->

2017 Movie Calendar – A Very Special Edition – First Quarter

The Contilla Retirement Group from Essen, Germany, created the best calendar yet!  To quote someone (?) “Do not regret growing old.  It is a privilege denied to many.”  Not to these ladies and gentlemen!

James Bond
Wilhelm, 89


Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Marianne, 86


Erna, 86 and Alfred, 81


Now this is what I am talking about – Getting older is having fun, living life to the fullest, being a part of something other than yourself!!
I just love this calendar!!  I’ll be posting more of it soon!
read more -->

Beat the Holiday Bulge! Try the 5-Day Reset Program

5-Day Reset Holiday ProgramNo Extra Pounds for the Holidays!

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A Joyful, Successful 2017!!

Delicious Snack Balls

Here is a yummy snack that can fill you up with healthy food and give you more energy and protein to keep you from hunger and carb cravings.  ENJOY!!

1 C nut butter – smooth peanut, almond or my favorite sunflower & honey butter – buy organic

1 C Quality vanilla protein powder – my choice is either Energizing Soy or Life Plan Shake by Shaklee

1/4-1/3 C local honey to taste

1/4 C dried fruit – cranberry, cut up dates, raisins all work well

1/4 C chopped walnuts, pecans, or cashews read more -->

The “Throwaway” Culture and Those Over 60

I am not sure when this dilemma began, but it appears to me that there has been a growing disregard for those of us who are over 60, being considered outdated, often useless and even unwanted as we age. We, as senior citizens, have even bought into this cultural phenomenon!

This blog is to remind us all that we not only have tremendous value but also that our younger generations are missing out on years of experience, development of wisdom and differing views. This does not mean that we have all of the right answers. What we provide is another perspective that can give input to our younger community in their decision making. read more -->

Earth Scientist comments, “I was wrong”

As Gus Speth, a US Advisor on climate change … said: “I used to think that top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that thirty years of good science could address these problems. I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy, and to deal with these we need a cultural and spiritual transformation. And we scientists don’t know how to do that.” Therefore, more than ever, it comes down to … us.* Journer: Too few of us humans know how to do that. Nez: We desperately need a “cultural and spiritual transformation.” And we can catch a glimmer of interconnection happening, for we are wired together every which way. Now let us create together our new Earth story. ________________________ What can we do to make a difference.  Remember the concept that it starts with just one person.  What are you doing to help? My contribution – I drive a Prius and have solar power plus I don’t add to the toxic overload because I use environmentally safe household products (and they work too!) Join me in making a difference!!