Basics for Great Health

Basics for Great Health
Great health translates into energy, focus, and joyful living, begins with building healthy cells. Cell quality is determined by the quality of the nutrients that create them as well as our body’s ability to absorb and utilize those nutrients.

Cleanse first to create healthy cells
First clean up your act by getting out the debris in your digestive tract and your liver to begin to heal your system.

I recommend choosing one of the following to start:

After Cleansing
In a world where of GMOs and “chemicalized” foods our available choices are not always the best. Most medical doctors now realize that we need, at a minimum, a complete multi-vitamin and mineral combination to make sure we have the minimum needed nutrients because food alone no longer provides everything we need.

I recommend at a minimum:

  • A complete, quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • A quality protein in addition, especially for breakfast. For me, I love eggs or a protein smoothie with an organic, high quality powder which has guaranteed quality ingredients. (See Quality Assurance Guarantee.)

My choices:

A Good Place to Start

A Better Program

The Next Level

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Optimal Health

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