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Do You Have Blind Spots in Your Life?

I just ran across this old quiz that I thought would be fun to take.
What drives you?  “The very traits that  fuel you also create emotional blind spots: scenarios in which you’re least likely to attend to your own needs.”  WOW!  Are these traits sabotaging our self care?   Thank you Johathan Kaplan, PhD, author of “Urban Mindfulness: Cultivating Peace, Presence, and Purpose in the Middle of It All”.  Let me know who YOU are!

  1.  Pretend you have an unlimited budget and 2 weeks to kill.  What’s your ideal vacation?
    A.  Bucket list time!  Maybe a hike in Machu Picchu, maybe learn to surf in Hawaii.
    B. You’ve always wanted to try a voluntourism trip – maybe build a school in Guatemala or monitor sea turtle in Mexico.
    C. Enjoying a breathtaking sunset like on a picture perfect postcard on a white sandy beach
    D. You’d have everyone in your family weigh in: you are not that picky.
  2. You leave your sister-in-law an urgent message and two hours later she still hasn’t responded.  You think:
    A. Actually, you don’t think anything.  Between rushing to the gym and stopping at the grocery store, you forgot you even texted her.
    B. “I should call and make sure she’s okay.”
    C. “She must be tied up; she’ll buzz me later.”
    D. “I hope she’s not angry that I didn’t call her back yesterday.”
  3.  Which of the following are you most likely to post on Facebook?
    A. Photos from the weekend: the garden you are planting, the dinner party you hosted the new table you bought at a flea market, etc.
    B. An invitation for friends to join you at this week’s local blood drive.
    C. An inspirational quote.  You have been on an Anne Lamott kick lately.
    D. A survey for your friends:  Which movie should you see and where is the best place to eat afterwards.
  4. Your friends and family can rely on you to:
    A. Brainstorm solutions when they hit a bump in the road.
    B. Offer a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.
    C. Point out the silver lining in difficult circumstances.
    D. Say the right thing in any situation.
  5. You are getting pizza with your extended family.  You really want anchovies, but they wrinkle their noses.  What do you do?
    A. Get your own pie and convince your fish-averse tablemates to try it.
    B. Nibble at a slice of mushroom pizza they ordered, even though you are not a mushroom fan.
    C. Order your own anchovy pizza and quietly savor every bite.
    D. Ask for a side of anchovies for your slices.
  6. You have your eye on a gorgeous necklace and you know your significant other hasn’t bought you a birthday present yet.  You…
    A. Tell what you want and exactly where to find it.
    B. Drop a hint, but then silently worry the gift will seem extravagant.
    C. Remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts an whatever he gets will be heartfelt.
    D. Ask your friend if she likes the necklace before you decide if you really want it.
  7. Your sister stops by, nervous about her new – and totally unflattering – haircut.  What do you do?
    A. Promise to find her an appointment and then call everywhere until you score a same day opening.
    B. Offer to shift your schedule and accompany her to the salon.  If you talk to the stylist, there’s no chance she’ll walk out with another bad haircut.
    C. Assure her that it will grow out in no time.
    D. Distract her with compliments about her new outfit.
  8. You are about to be evaluated at work.  Which of the following would you most like to hear from your boss?
    A. Your work ethic is impressive.
    B. You are exceptionally supportive of your colleagues.
    C. You come up with so many great ideas.
    D. Everyone here raves about how easy you are to work with.
  9. When you are sick, which are you most likely to do?
    A. Call your doctor for an emergency prescription.  You can’t get sick this week.
    B. Intend to see the doctor, but get waylaid by a request to help your coworker finish a big project.
    C. Take an herbal remedy and tell yourself you’ll feel better tomorrow.
    D. Grin and bear it.  Your significant other has his/her heart set on your plans tonight.

Tally which letter you circled most.
If you chose:
A – You are a Striver
B – You are a Nurturer
C – You are a Romantic
D – You are a Peacekeeper


Optimal Health 2018

What stops us from building healthy bodies?

Build Optimal Health in 2018!

Join me on February 19th to learn ways to build optimal health in 2018!  We can all do this and do it together, if we choose to!  Feel free to contact me, as well, for your own health assessment. Go to

What Has Changed?

Quality of Foods

  • More Man Made Foods
  • Less “Living” Foods
  • Produce Picked Early and Stored up to a Year
  • Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides
  • Soil Depletion

Our Choices

  • More snacks and sweets
  • Less fresh fruits and vegetables

Change in Exercise Habits

  • More TV, video games, and computer time
  • Less exercise

Influence of TV Ads

  • Drugs to solve every problem
  • Snackfoods with little or no value
  • We make choices from the ads we see

It doesn’t need to be that way!!

Build Optimal Health in 2018!

Join me on February 19th to learn ways to build optimal health in 2018!  We can all do this and do it together, if we choose to!  Feel free to contact me, as well, for your own health assessment. Go to

Not in the Portland, OR, area?  Soon this will be online!

Acid Reflux – Oh NO!!

Years ago my former husband John had surgery because of a bleeding ulcer.  Afterwards the gastroenterologist told him he would be on Protonics for the rest of his life.  The internist agreed.

Just yesterday, speaking with 4 other women, Acid Reflux issues came up with 3 of them!!!  I thought this blog was a perfect subject, as a result.

John was off the medicine in 2 weeks!!  We did our research and also spoke with Dr. Richard Brouse.  Here is a current article by him on Acid Reflux.  May it help anyone suffering.  Call me for more information

Acid Reflux – The Dangers Of Proton Inhibitors

Until next time – have a glorious day!!  Want this article?  Go to

Heart Attack – True or False

Heart Attack True-False Question

Which of the following could be an early warning sign of a heart attack?
A. Anxiety___
B. Nausea___
C. Jaw pain___
D. Fatigue___
E. Sweat___

Answer: All of them, again (are you onto us?).  “It’s hard to parse some of these symptoms because women tend to be juggling so much as a matter of course,” says Arnett. Three questions to ask : is this a new symptom? Did it appear suddenly? Does it resolve if I rest for a few minutes? “When in doubt, call an ambulance,” she says “If the worst case scenario is wasting time at the hospital, that’s far than than the alternative.”

Thanks to O Magazine and Oprah for this fun and informative True/False Test

True or False- Day 5 – Are you a Workaholic?

Day 5

Attention workaholics: How many hours can you clock each week before your heart pays a price?
A. 45___
B. 50___
C. 55___
D. 60___

Answer: A. When researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Centers and the University of St Thomas in Houston analyzed data on more than 1,900 people, they found that among people who worked 45 hours per week for a decade or more, each additional hour meant greater risk of heart disease. Risk climbed 16 percent when people put in 55 hours and 35 percent for 60 hours.

WOW!  This should be a wakeup call!  Americans are hardworking and often put in way more than the 45 hours noted here.  One tip to help on those longer days – get up every hour and take 3 deep breaths and walk around your office, in the corridor or outside for at least a couple of minutes.  You will feel refreshed and able to concentrate better for the next hour.

Give you heart a rest – it deserves it!!

Want some great nutritional tips for a Healthy Heart?  Message me back!  My goal is to live to over 100, still making plans, have great energy and have all my marbles to know what I am doing!  I can only do that making good choices.  How about you????

Day 4 – Which Do You Choose?

Day 4
I have been at a conference so I got behind.  I’ll be catching up this week!
Which is the best choice here?

Your friend just betrayed you big time! What’s the heart healthiest way to manage your anger?
A. Tell her off___
B. Run it off____
C. Walk it off___
D. Find consolation in Ben and Jerry’s___

Answer: C Taking a walk calms the fight or flight response, as do cool down activities like stretching and deep breathing. Intense physical activity, on the other hand, can push your heart into the danger zone. “Anger triggers an adrenaline response that reduces blood flow to the arteries,” says Donna Arnett, PhD, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Public Health. “Strenuous exercise in this state is incredibly taxing on the heart.”  An Australian study found that the risk of a heart attack was more than eight times higher when patients had been very angry in two hours before the onset of symptoms, while another recent study showed that the risk tripled in those who experienced anger and heavy exertion in the hour before.





True or False – Day 2

Day 2

Which of these is not a risk factor for heart disease?
A. High blood pressure ___
B. Obesity___
C. Migraines ____
D. Smoking ____
E. Diabetes_____

Answer: Trick question…they all might be. You can probably rattle off most risk factors by…well, heart, with the possible exception of migraines.  But a Harvard study of more than 100,000 women recently found that migraine sufferers were 50 percent likelier to have a heart attack, a stroke, or fatal heart disease, regardless of other risk factors, Genetics, hormones and inflammation are all possible culprits, but “the short answer is that we do not yet know what precise mechanism causes this,” says lead researcher Tobias Kurth, MD, adjunct professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.





True or False? What do you know?

Over the next week I will be sharing “true or false” health questions.  Let me know what you think!  These came from O Magazine and I thought you would find them interesting and informative!

Day 1:
For each pair of breakfast foods, circle the option with less sodium per serving.”

Cornflakes or shredded wheat ___
Greek yogurt or cottage cheese___
Whole wheat toast or a bagel

Shredded wheat, Greek yogurt, and whole wheat toast all contain significantly less sodium per serving than the other options. Why should you care? Americans consume more than 3,400 milligrams of sodium a day on average far above the American Heart Association’s recommended daily limit of 2,300 milligrams and nearly double its ideal limit of 1,500. “All that sodium can raise blood pressure, a major contributor to heart disease,” explains Cheryl Anderson, PhD, an associate professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.  Try to eat mostly fresh food, and always check labels.  Choosing foods that contain only one milligram of sodium per calorie or less- no more than 100 milligrams in a 100- calorie food, for example- can help you stay within healthy limits, say Anderson.






Aging & The Throwaway Culture Continued

Let’s hear it for our fabulous over 60 crowd!!

The question is, how do we all come out of the closet and say to the many who have ignored us, “I am here! I have valuable information to share, ideas & perspectives that might change the directions our society is taking”?  Aging is magnificent – let’s live it to the fullest.

Families, now further apart, often look at their parents as obsolete or having suddenly gone “stupid” with minimal value to offer. While they have no patience for us, perhaps we can teach them that patience is a virtue that took us years to acquire.

Usually, grandparents are more revered by their grandchildren because they give them individual attention and show more patience. Our children may still be stuck in remembering our foibles when we were 20-30 years younger. Perhaps we elders have learned from our experiences and can now offer some valuable viewpoints, but we may never be given the chance.

We have so much more to give and share, as well as, receive. Let’s stand up for our “Throwaways” and re-purpose ourselves into mentors for the future, contributing to greater, more engaged communities and families.

Some ideas you might consider to keep us from falling into the stereotype of “old people”:

  1.  Get healthy so you can be able to participate in many life activities.
  2.  Determine what you are passionate about and decide how to get involved if you aren’t already.
  3.  Get active (or “just Do It” as they say at Nike)
  4.  See where you can give back – mentoring, charitable work, political activism – volunteering to be a reader at an elementary school or tutoring at middle or high school could be an idea.
  5. Write your memoirs
  6.  Learn or relearn a skill you like that you can share with a grandchild or do for yourself.
  7. Set up special time with family members – expressing gratitude, helping with grandchildren, meeting one on one with family members to build or rebuild relationships.
  8. Take interesting classes at local community colleges

For those of you younger, how about giving us more than a “moment of your time” or a brief text. You will one day be an “elder” too, and have much to offer those younger. Don’t wait until then to realize what you have missed along the way.

I present this as food for thought, with the request of all who read this to share ideas on how to create a more inclusive community of all ages with the concept of collaboration and cooperation where we all learn from each other.

Don’t believe media nonsense – we seniors have value, lots of energy and vitality left, and the wisdom and experience to make the world a better place!!


Delicious Snack Balls

Here is a yummy snack that can fill you up with healthy food and give you more energy and protein to keep you from hunger and carb cravings.  ENJOY!!

1 C nut butter – smooth peanut, almond or my favorite sunflower & honey butter – buy organic

1 C Quality vanilla protein powder – my choice is either Energizing Soy or Life Plan Shake by Shaklee

1/4-1/3 C local honey to taste

1/4 C dried fruit – cranberry, cut up dates, raisins all work well

1/4 C chopped walnuts, pecans, or cashews

1 C of shredded coconut

Mix together nut butter and protein powder.  You may have to use your hands at the end

Add honey and complete the mixing

Add the other ingredients except coconunt and form into balls, using a teaspoon as your guide.  Some water on your hands may make this easier and less messy.

Put coconut into a small baggie and add 1 ball at a time and shake to coat.  Keep on a plate, covered in the refrigerator until you serve them.

Yum!!   Let me know what you like the best!