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How To Know If You’re Suffering From Leaky Gut

I want to share one of the most hidden reasons people have so many challenges like irritable bowel, brain fog, acne, allergies, and even ADHD. Have you been on antibiotics, steroids or under a great deal of stress? You may have a yeast overgrowth leading to “leaky gut” problems. Need some solutions? Connect with me.

Optimal Health 2018

What stops us from building healthy bodies?

Build Optimal Health in 2018!

Join me on February 19th to learn ways to build optimal health in 2018!  We can all do this and do it together, if we choose to!  Feel free to contact me, as well, for your own health assessment. Go to

What Has Changed?

Quality of Foods

  • More Man Made Foods
  • Less “Living” Foods
  • Produce Picked Early and Stored up to a Year
  • Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides
  • Soil Depletion

Our Choices

  • More snacks and sweets
  • Less fresh fruits and vegetables

Change in Exercise Habits

  • More TV, video games, and computer time
  • Less exercise

Influence of TV Ads

  • Drugs to solve every problem
  • Snackfoods with little or no value
  • We make choices from the ads we see

It doesn’t need to be that way!!

Build Optimal Health in 2018!

Join me on February 19th to learn ways to build optimal health in 2018!  We can all do this and do it together, if we choose to!  Feel free to contact me, as well, for your own health assessment. Go to

Not in the Portland, OR, area?  Soon this will be online!

True or False – Day 3 – Heart Health

Day 3

“Women need to start worrying about heart disease after they hit menopause”.

Answer: False
It’s believed that the drop in estrogen that accompanies menopause may make your blood vessels less elastic, increasing the strain on your heart.  However, when researchers followed nearly 1,500 women over nine years, they found that in the years leading up to menopause, there was an increase in the severity of metabolic syndrome…a group of risk factors, including high fasting blood sugar and high blood pressure, associated with heart disease. This effect was even more pronounced in black women.

How Important are Conversations?

How important is a conversation?   What does that even mean?

Conversation takes on many aspects in building relationships,  setting goals,  fulfilling desires, raising children, enjoying family, discussing health issues and just life in general.

Yes, we are talking conversation…not yelling and debating. You want these conversations to lead you to a positive outcome…raising and discussing questions that will help you understand where you are and where you really want to be or where the other person in the conversation is or wants to be.

Remember these conversations should always be honest. If you are not honest, you’ll get nowhere. Since the first conversation is with yourself,  no one else will know except you and that is why your honesty is so important.  I do not mean beating up on yourself when mistakes or poor judgement has occurred.  How about more of an assessment and then looking for positive solutions or changes?   When you can do this, conversations with others become so much easier.  You can say what you believe in a kind but honest way and ask to engage with another person in a reasonable discussion.

One great example is to begin a conversation with yourself concerning your body and how you really feel and what goals you want to achieve.  Are you unhappy with your weight, your energy or your stamina?   Do you think it is partly a psychological block or something physical?    Are you willing to do something about it?   This is one of the most difficult self conversations and perhaps some outside help may be useful, whether to brainstorm or just hear other opinions.   The key is personal honestly and a decision whether you are ready to commit, perhaps to just one thing.  Then go for it!

Over the years I have had many of these conversations with myself. The biggest one was when I was 41 and working. I was overweight, felt sluggish, had no energy and was falling asleep at work. Finally I had a conversation with myself about how I felt and just had to do something. That is when I embarked on my quest to be healthier which led me to Shaklee products and studying nutrition and wellness.  This started me on the road to better health and a successful business helping others. That was 33 years ago and because of that personal conversation, I am living a healthier, more energetic life and feel “fit and fabulous”!

What conversations do you want to have?  If you want some outside help, connect with me for a private conversation.  You can also sign up for my free health assessment on my website here.  And let me know what you think about having a self conversation as the preparation for more expanded conversations with others.

Have a great day!!

My 30 Day Blog Challenge

I am beginning a 30 day challenge to write a blog post every day.  Want to join me?

Here is my blog for Monday, June 6, 2016

I just love this quote:
man_sandwhich“I have metal fillings in my teeth. My refrigerator magnets keep pulling me into the kitchen.    

That’s why I can’t lose weight!”


How many excuses do you have?  I am really good at excuses but now I am much better at my choices.  After doing my “5-Day Reset”, I have minimal cravings and my body has a lower set rate for my weight.  I can’t be more excited after years of struggling with those last five pounds!!

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